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The Amann brand, that we represent since 80’s, perfectly fits for our customers whom we wish to offer quality and efficiency.

We provide various kinds of 100% polyester, cotton/polyester and 100%cotton  threads, at stock service.

  • Sabac -the universal and efficient sewing thread - 100% Polyester core-spun thread.
    This highly durable 100% polyester corespun thread features best sewing properties and seam quality.
    Its full range of sizes and strengths qualifies saba for almost every application. With its extremely large range of colours - combining standards and trends - you will always find the right colour tone.
  • Serafil - the dependable continuous thread - 100% Polyester continuous thread.
    Serafil is synonymous with sewing thread made from strong, durable, high-tenacity polyester continuous filaments. Serafil meets the high standards of seam quality, seam strength, and seam appearance.
    Serafil's extensive assortment fulfills the many demands of the sewing industry, for leather applications, heavy fabric applications, and safety relevant applications. The fine continuous polyester filaments, Serafil 120/2 and 200/2, combine high-strength with a filigree appearance. Serafil is also available in water repellent finishing (WR).
  • SabaTEX - the soft bulked thread - 100% Polyester bulked thread & SabaFlex - the high bulked thread - 100% Polyester bulked tread.
    The bulk polyester yarn for versatile use. Its softness, volume and bulkiness provide a most pleasant seam and excellent coverage.
    Ideally suited for overedged seams and as looper and cover thread for cover seams. Effective for women's wear, men's fashion, underwear, work and sports wear.
  • Rasant - the functional polyester/cotton core spun thread.
    Rasant is a functional sewing thread with a wide variety of uses. The perfect synthesis of polyester core and cotton covering makes Rasant outstandingly efficient, not only in the sewing process, but in the seam as well.
    The extensive range of tickets and make-ups ideally fit the requirements of the various industries. Rasant is also available in water repellent finishing (WR).
  • Mercifil-Corneta - the high quality cotton thread - 100% Cotton spun thread, mercerised.
    Mercifil-Corneta is a high quality sewing thread made from long-staple, Egyptian cotton with a mercerised finish to give it a good sewing performance and a reasonable seam quality.
    We recommend Mercifil-Corneta for garment dyeing because of its easy dyeing performance or if the use of 100 % cotton is wanted.

The continuous research and the developing of new articles  allow us to collaborate with one of the most important factory in the world for the production of sewing threads used in the clothing industry (whom for we are the official sellers with a  warehouse in Italy), as well as in the shoe, leather, boating, curtain industries, and special threads for car and airplane interiors covering.

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